®Prediki PROMPT

Predictive Research for Online Market and Product Testing

More Success for New Product Development

New Product Development

Prediki PROMPT is a suite of tried and verified test patterns covering the the whole process of new product development process (NPD) from ideation to conception, from development to marketing. If you use Stage Gate or Design Thinking, just plug in Prediki whenever you need feedback from an authentic and lucid Voice of the Customer.

Unsatisfied Needs (DNA pattern) discovers market gaps through the desires, needs and attitudes of customers in a market. DNA can even size a rough market potential if an idea stimulus is available, e.g. a new technology.

Idea Vetting (PPP pattern) first distils a preliminary shortlist of ideas, then a detailed prediction of prototype risk and feasibility, expected price and value potential and estimated market penetration.

Concept Test (LURE pattern) establishes a holistic utility impression of participants. Then Prediki benchmarks this to product category market data to determine success factors, hindrances, improvements and rough volumetric estimates.

Advert Pre-Test (BREW pattern) immerses participants in copy text or visuals to find out how believable, relevant and emotional your idea really is. Get a clear answer of what is best by comparing the your ideas' volumetric estimates.

Pricing Research is the final stage of Prediki PROMPT, testing up to three price points for price elasticity, yielding a model of profit maximising pricing and pertinent sales volume or value, supplemented by likely sourcing shares by competitor plus self-cannibalisation forecasts.


Screening ensures that participants have the necessary knowledge and sociodemographics for your project.

Priming introduces ideas, concepts, or products in a suitable way to ensure maximum critical impact.

Referencing establishes a first line in the sand, and finds out participants unreflected response to your project.

Trading triggers a continuous quant information, learning, and balancing process where optimists and pessimists meet and ultimately reach a consensus.

Market Talk is a moderated chat of the predictive community where they discuss the hidden motivations and hygiene factors behind their trades.

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