Attracting LONG-HAUL travelers

The Challenge

A European national tourist board had identified a certain overseas country as a potential growth market and wanted to advertise to their long-haul tourists. To optimise their campaign, they needed to understand their travel desires and identify key selling points. Due to a limited budget for that origin, they also wanted to identify the best communication channel for their future message.

Our Approach

We set up a Prediki prediction market focused around three key areas: the likely success of three campaign ideas, trends in communication channels influence, and predicted overall growth of inbound travellers. The predictive community mixed long-haul travellers and travel agents to achieve a broad perspective.

Experts had forecast an already high +6% growth for that overseas origin, our prediction market was even more bullish showing a potential growth of +19%. Also ‘Social Media’ would rise from 6th most important influence to second place by 2018. Finally, a destination feature which the client regarded as just one of many was identified as the absolutely pre-dominant attraction, a specific ‘exotic’ element for those overseas tourists.

The Result

We recommended that our clients shift their focus towards social media marketing, and ensure that advertising to tourists should contain more visuals of the identified scenery. Due to the predicted growth we also recommended that the client shifted its regional marketing budget to focus resources more on the specific country opportunity. The result: in the following year tourist arrivals from the origin confirmed Prediki's recommendations with a +22% growth.