Wisdom of Crowds

ON search for collective intelligence

Prediki is the leading self-service prediction market platform. Look into the future of your business or organisation. Reality-check your ideas, plans and assumptions. Learn weaknesses and how to increase your chances of success.

  • Set up your own prediction market in a matter of minutes.

  • Incentivise your crowd with money or with prizes which money cannot buy.

  • Flexible plans from small group projects to large-scale corporate markets.

  • Build your own predictive community: customers, prospects, employees, experts, investors, the general public, or a target group. Or a mix of them all.

Popular Books on Prediction Markets

James Surowiecki's book contains the classical argument and a vast array of evidence and case studies how the many are smarter than the few.

Tetlock describes the current state of art in forecasting. Crowds beat experts in thousands of predictions in all fields like politics, economics, and business.

tap the wisdom of crowds

Wisdom of Crowds vs. Madness of Crowds?

In two decades of experimentation and practical work, Prediki developed a powerful tool to harness the power of Collective Intelligence and prevent the dangers of Collective Ignorance.

Prediki produces forecasts and decodes the key reasons driving them. It depolarises opinions, facilitates more realism, objectivity, and group consensus: for better decision making on any subject involving human action and reactions.

Here you can read up on what we know, at this stage.


  1. History: A poll without polling

  2. Early stage: First commercial promise

  3. Madness or wisdom: Are crowds intelligent?

  4. Behavioral theory: System 1 or 2 or 3

  5. The third party perspective

  6. Small biases, big errors

  7. Falsifiability is key

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