Collective INtelligence

Before embarking on a new endeavour or project, a prior reality check greatly improves your chances of success. You want meaningful forecasts, explained by the the specific reasons driving human behaviour.

Armed with the Wisdom of Crowds from Prediki's prediction platform you can focus on what is important and preempt problems before they arise. "If only I had known" is a thing of the past. Now is Prediki.

Why Prediki

The future is uncertain but in predictable ways

Good decisions need the best predictions of the likely outcome of possible courses of action, backed by the whys, the motives beneath expected human actions and reactions. Collective intelligence can capture the complexity of the real world, the chaotic influences and contradictions on human minds.

Predictions lay out the path to success

Don't make assumptions, get predictions, likelihoods you can rely on. Clear recommendations based on verifiable forecasts for meaningful, objective KPIs and their key drivers. Read success stories of clients who have worked with Prediki.

How we are Different

More rigor

Claimed future behaviour is highly unreliable. Prediki does not just ask questions, we ask for predictions.


The wisdom of crowds arises from critical thinking. Diverse perspectives for and against possible futures.


Markets are conversations. Users don't just answer, they interact. For more authentic, deeper insights.

What we do

  • We harness the collective intelligence of consumers, employees, or experts.

  • We predict and optimise the likely success of your strategies, ideas, and plans.

From Inspiration to Launch: Fully Integrated Quant & Qual Insights

What you get

  • Understand the probable future to guide your strategy.

  • Discover open spaces for innovation and opportunities.

Case studies

Identify Future Trends

The cultural drivers or dissatisfactions which will impact your company.

Explore Market Opportunity

The beliefs and motivations which open a favourable entry path for your idea.

Size-up Disruptive Competitors

The LURE factor of others' innovations: Forecast volume and cannibalisation.

Pick the Best Ads & Spots

Not just first impressions: long-term consumer reaction will drive total ROI.

Optimise Pricing

The value of faster, stronger, better, expressed as price premium & volume.

Find Best Brand Fit

The consistency of brand and product will maximise the price-value ratio.

Some of Our clients

What clients say

“Mindblowing! The power of Prediki's approach is evident, it generates very rich, lucid data.”

German Dziebel, Ph.D., VP, Head of Human Intelligence • Sparks & Honey, an Omnicom Company (USA)

"Wisdom of Crowds is now a success story of our organization. Prediki helps us to improve our forecasting accuracy and internal communication. We experience a new evidence-based era in marketing."

SeungWoo Lee, Corporate Strategy & Marketing Group, LG Display (S.Korea)

"We have found Prediki's methodology to be extremely powerful, delivering predictions as well as the reasons underlying the results."

Carl Macinnes, Director, Sales and Marketing Disruption • Fonterra (New Zealand)

"I have seen a client organization use Prediki in parallel to a traditional, mainstream research methodology across 10 projects and they have consistently delivered more reliable predictions."

Dr. Peter Steidl, Principal • Neurothinking (Australia)

"The results-oriented questions of Prediki make it an ideal tool for the implementation of a modern holistic market research program."

– Dr. Sophie Karmasin, Karmasin Research & Identity (Austria)

Prediki Management

Hubertus Hofkirchner

Chief Futurist & CEO

Günther Fädler

Chief Operating Officer
Hubertus leads Prediki's research effort into collective intelligence mechanisms and new applications for next-generation prediction markets. Before co-founding Prediki, Hubertus was CEO of mobile phone operator, tele.ring, and founded Creditanstalt Investment Bank's online brokerage. He holds an M.Ec. of the Vienna University of Economics and an MBA of IESE Business School, Barcelona.
Günther manages Prediki's operations and IT development teams. He also oversees global election predictions on our first-generation political forecasting platform, Prior to Prediki, Günther was founding partner in web agency BDF-net GmbH. Günther holds an M.Ec. of the Vienna University of Economics.

Scientific background

Karl Popper, Philosopher (Vienna)

Scientific Principle by Karl Popper

"If a statement is not falsifiable, it does not speak about reality."

We do not just ask questions, we ask them for verifiable predictions.

Sigmund Freud, Psychoanalyst (Vienna)

Post-Rationalisation by Sigmund Freud

"Man is not a rational being, he is a rationalising one."

They defend their predictions in the market talk, revealing their deepest mind.

F.A. Hayek, Nobel Laureate (Vienna)

Collective Intelligence by Friedrich A. Hayek

"The solution for the imperfection of knowledge is the market mechanism."

It is very hard to beat a prediction market in forecasting accuracy.