Prediction markets

When faced with big decisions, you want to base them on the best predictions and a broad consensus. You want to look into the future, get more certainty and learn how to improve your chances of success.

Tap the Wisdom of Crowds with Prediki's universal prediction market platform. Get meaningful forecasts, explained by the motivations driving human behaviour. Double up on what works and fix potential issues before they arise. "If only I had known better" is a thing of the past.

Why Prediki

The future is uncertain but in predictable ways

Good decisions need predictions of the likely outcome of possible courses of action. Good decisions happen when all impacted stakeholders agree on the underlying predictions. Good decisions have verifiable future goals.

Prediki's universal prediction market taps collective intelligence to generate outcome predictions of industry-leading accuracy, it produces a general consensus, irrespective of how individual expectations diverge.

Talk is cheap. When it comes to future questions - What will be? What is our best action? - you should not rely on claimed answers which are subject to many biases and easily manipulated.

Skin in the game. Prediki looks at real behaviour, its market transaction produce verifiable quantitative forecasts for any meaningful KPI, backed by qualitative insights gleaned from deep psychology.

Read success stories of clients who have worked with Prediki.

The Prediki DifferenCE


Claims about future behaviour are highly unreliable. Prediki never asks for answers, we ask for bets. Virtual ones.


Markets are conversations. Players don't just act, they influence others. Prediki challenges people to convince others.


The Wisdom of Crowds arises from two-sided thinking, arguing for and against possible futures.

What we do - What You Get


  • harness the collective intelligence of consumers, employees, or experts

  • aggregate quantitative forecasts and identify their qualitative reasons


  • learn if you will succeed and how to optimise your strategies, ideas, and plans

  • discover trends, reversals and need gaps for innovation and new products


Case Studies

Identify Future Trends

Which cultural drivers or dissatisfactions will impact our company?

Explore Market Opportunity

Which benefits open a favourable entry path for our idea or concept?

Assess Disruption

What is the potential of our groundbreaking innovation? Forecast future sales.

Pick the Best Ads & Spots

How will our market share react to a new ad campaign? How can we improve it?

Optimise Pricing

What is the optimal price or premium? How will sales change after up or downsize?

Find Best Brand Fit

Will a rebranding improve our position? Will a new pack design attract more buyers?

The Science of Predictions

Karl Popper, Philosopher (Vienna)

Scientific Principle

by Karl Popper

"If a statement is not falsifiable, it does not speak about reality."

Prediki does not just ask questions, we collect their verifiable predictions.

Sigmund Freud, Psychoanalyst (Vienna)


by Sigmund Freud

"Man is not a rational being, he is a rationalising one."

When hyping their Prediki trades, people reveal their deepest thinking.

F.A. Hayek, Economist (Vienna)

Collective Intelligence

by Friedrich A. Hayek

"The price system is a mechanism for communicating dispersed information."

Prediki applies the power of markets to predict any future outcome.

Some of Our clients

What clients say

“Mindblowing! The power of Prediki's approach is evident, it generates very rich, lucid data.”

German Dziebel, Ph.D., VP, Head of Human Intelligence • Sparks & Honey, an Omnicom Company (USA)

"Wisdom of Crowds is now a success story of our organization. Prediki helps us to improve our forecasting accuracy and internal communication. We experience a new evidence-based era in marketing."

SeungWoo Lee, Corporate Strategy & Marketing Group, LG Display (S.Korea)

"We have found Prediki's methodology to be extremely powerful, delivering predictions as well as the reasons underlying the results."

Carl Macinnes, Director, Sales and Marketing Disruption • Fonterra (New Zealand)

"I have seen a client organization use Prediki in parallel to a traditional, mainstream research methodology across 10 projects and they have consistently delivered more reliable predictions."

Dr. Peter Steidl, Principal • Neurothinking (Australia)

"The results-oriented questions of Prediki make it an ideal tool for the implementation of a modern holistic market research program."

– Dr. Sophie Karmasin, Karmasin Research & Identity (Austria)